Friday, April 3, 2015

What's new in Paced Breathing 2.0?

Paced Breathing 2.0 is here!  We've made a lot of improvements to the free version, including:
  • Improved UI
  • Profile backup (when you replace your phone and reinstall Paced Breathing, your profiles and purchases will be restored automatically)
  • Clock feature (see how long a session has been ongoing)
  • Breathes Per Minute feature (BPM) (see how many breathes you take per minute with your current breathing times)
  • New Male Sound (Breathe in! Breathe out!)
  • Auto Profile saving
  • Easier Switching between profiles
  • Sound, vibrate, and screen awake settings are now saved per profile
  • Improved handling of changing breathing times mid-session
  • Tons of bug fixes
In the menu you'll also find an "Upgrade..." option.  There you will find the option to go ad-free.  You can also upgrade to our Pro Package.  With this package you will get these features:
  • Bonus Sound
  • Alternate Color Theme
  • Unlimited profiles (free is limited to 2)
If you are permission conscious or want the smallest app possible, you can instead switch to the Paced Breathing Pro app.  This version will never have ads, never require additional permissions, never get bloated, and will always have all of our features*. 

* = Profile backup couldn't be added to the pro app because it would require internet permissions

-Breathe Easy

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