Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Use Ramp to Improve Your Breathing

Many of you want to use Paced Breathing to help improve your breathing, and the ramp feature can help you do that.  With the ramp feature, your breathing times (e.g  inhale, exhale, and hold) ramp up or down automatically during the course of a session.  Here's how you can use this feature (try the values we underline as an example):

 1. Press "OFF", next to "Ramp"

 2. Select a time from the list, just like when you're selecting an inhale or exhale time.  This time says how long it should take for you to ramp up or down your times (try 2:00 for 2 minutes)

3. Pick the times you want to start your session with in the "Start" row (try 3.0s, 1.0s, 3.0s, and 1.0s)

4. Now adjust the times you want to breathe at when ramping finishes in the "Finish" row (try 6.0s, 1.5s, 6.0s, and 1.5s)

5. Hit start to start your session!

The "Current" row is just there to show your breathing times during your session.  During your session you'll see this row and the graph change, from what's in your "Start" row to what's in your "Finish" row.  After your ramping is done (in our example it's 2 minutes), your session will continue with the times you set in your "Finish" row.

Tip: if you want your session to stop automatically use the "Timer" option, to the right of ramp (try setting it to 5:00 for 5 minutes, and use it with ramp)!

-Breathe Easy


  1. I would like this APP to have on iOS, I bought it right away, it's the best breathing app out there

    1. Breathing zone works on iso.
      I recommend it to iOS users

  2. an iOS app is something I've been considering - might be a little while though

  3. I am a yoga teacher and have recommended this app to several students. We all love it. You've done a fantastic job of creating this app. A huge thank you!

  4. Thanks mate.. wonderful app. Just downloaded